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It Takes A Team

Standing in the lobby of the new Saratoga hotel, 50 cast and crewmembers bustled about, all going in a different direction, each with their own goal to be accomplished. Soon after, we roll a few takes on the shot. Later…

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Community Celebration

What makes a strong community? Without a doubt, it’s the people. Here at Galileo, what we do and do best, is tell their story. Headquartered in Saratoga Springs NY, Galileo Media Arts knows the amazing value of the community in…

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On time, on budget

There are certain times in life when you can justify spending a little more money. An anniversary gift for your spouse - the sunroof option on that new car – even the name brand orange juice sometimes. Video production is…

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It starts with the idea

Remember when you were really excited to see that one movie last summer? The anticipation killed you, and when you finally got to see it…there was something missing. Maybe you couldn’t place it, but something felt off about it. Without…

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Is timing everything?

Is timing everything? When you’re asking your girlfriend to marry you – yes. When you’re a stand-up comedian – Definitely. In video production, timing is paramount. Getting the timing of every cut just right is a part of finding the…

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Summer Internship: Chris Coughlan

“Do you know what a kino-flow is?” “Keno-flow, keno-flow…. is that like a type of personal lubricant?” I rack my brain for clues but nothing surfaces. It’s Friday, July 13th, the day of my first professional video shoot with Galileo…

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