Fresh on the scene – Patrick Kane has just been hired as the new Senior Client Services Director here at Galileo Media Arts at our video production office in Albany NY ! So it’s not every day we welcome a new member to our tight-knit crew, but this one deserves a big warm welcome for a few reasons….

  1. Patrick brings leadership skills from companies like IBM and General Electric which will be instrumental in bringing Galileo to the next level
  2. His creativity and forward thinking come to us at such a crucial time (for us as a company and us as a community)
  3. He packs a mean customer service punch with years of sales and process improvement skills
  4. His motivation and passion for community service are going to fuel our fire (he was one of the founders of First Night Saratoga)
  5. Last, but certainly not least, we are hoping he invites us all on one of his boating ventures on Lake George.

But in all seriousness, we are truly excited to welcome Patrick to the team at a time when we need his guidance the most. He says it best:

I am proud to work with Galileo, as we all emerge from unusual times and look for ‘messages’ that help us get back to a lifestyle we can all be proud of. I am looking forward to establishing new clients and working with our current client to reemerge from this detour in our life.

Pat will be splitting his time between the Boston Video Production Studio and our Albany Video Production Office. We will certainly be leaning on Patrick to help guide us through this unknown territory and help us pivot to continue to provide the best service for all of our clients.

So keep us on the radar and see what heat Patrick has to bring for us throughout the remainder of 2020. We promise it’s worth checking back in on! But no pressure, Patrick!