Our RED was built for Outer Space –

We’ve used it primarily on Earth’s surface

Still from our set at Hollister Staffing in downtown Boston, Mass.

Testing it’s mettle in a variety of environments.

Galileo Media Arts Albany video production studio is now a proud owner of a RED Digital Cinema camera. This camera is the newest technology from one of the leaders of innovation in the film industry.

The sensor in our GEMINI shines in “real world” conditions where lighting can’t always be controlled.

 “While the GEMINI sensor was developed for low-light conditions in outer space, we quickly saw there was so much more to this sensor,” says Jarred Land, President of RED Digital Cinema. “In fact, we loved the potential of this sensor so much, we wanted to evolve it to make it have a broader appeal. As a result, the EPIC-W GEMINI now sports dual-sensitivity modes. It still has the low-light performance mode, but also has a default, standard mode that allows you to shoot in brighter conditions.”

The dynamic range of this camera is astounding. Meaning there is more information in the shadows and highlights within a video frame. Other cameras would just capture pure black shadows or blown-out white highlights. This camera also captures more color information than most other cameras as well. Therefore this 5k camera produces extremely rich and beautiful images.

So far we have loved having this beast on set at both our Albany video production studio as well as our Boston video production office and are excited to see what else we can create with it!

To test the camera’s low-light ability we took it to the streets outside our Albany video production studio. We wanted to see what it could do with nothing but street lights as a light source. We were blown away by the results.

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