Food has the strange and amazing ability to transport us to different places.  Not literally of course — airline companies would surely be involved in a mess of lawsuits if they introduced meatball airplanes.  But maybe you’ve taken a bite of lasagna the way Grandma use to make it, and felt transported back to the motherland.  Or perhaps it’s the smell of a chili cheese dog that sweeps you off your feet and into the ballpark.  One way or another, we all know that feeling of leaving this tangible world behind when our taste buds are tantalized.

When Saratoga Olive Oil company came to Galileo in need of a video production company to produce a commercial, they needed to tell a story that didn’t just inform people about the flavored olive oils and vinegars they sell, but invited them to come experience them. Working closely with Saratoga Olive Oil at our Saratoga/Albany and Boston offices, Galileo developed a series of TV spots that explored how the taste of their amazing olive oils can bring a level of fantasy into your life — fresh Italian pasta, rolling countrysides, lush forests.

From soup to nuts, Galileo crafted a series of videos that engaged the senses to tell this story.  Working closely with the client, we developed script ideas, cast actors, and organized logistics for filming at their store location.  Using intimate shots that engaged the senses, as well as elegant original music and voiceover that invited the imagination, Galileo was able to tell a story for Saratoga Olive Oil that created quite an experience for viewers — one that certainly made me hungry!