Galileo Media Arts Albany video production studio is proud to present the official trailer for

My Favorite Stone (Official Trailer)

premiering at Hoboken International Film Festival on May 19th. – “One of the 10 biggest film festivals in the world”

The devastating impact of today’s opioid crisis on the younger generation is poignantly captured in this 9-minute short. We walk alongside Maggie who, at the age of 20, finds herself alone and without hope after falling into heroin dependency from a sports injury that derails her safe, suburban life. Few words are needed to convey the desperate place she inhabits; every emotion she feels is vividly captured by the camera, an intimate companion. And just when it seems all is lost she encounters someone from her past who brings everything back into a focus that puts Maggie on a course of revival and renewed determination.

Statement from Director John Wager –

“The one word that we keep hearing from the screenings of this film is “powerful.” This nine minute film was a personal journey for me. We become numb to the never-ending news feed of heart wrenching stories that cascade into a bucket of events that seemingly don’t affect us. Unfortunately the heroin epidemic is not one of them. I have borne witness to the painful struggle of others who have been grappling with this tidal wave that has landed on our shores. Whether rich, poor, educated or not, there are no boundaries where this epidemic will strike. Everyone involved in this project volunteered their time and talents to make this film with the hope to help in even a small way. From the actors, crew, cinematographer right to the world renowned composer, musicians and music producer; I feel fortunate to be involved in this film and be surrounded with such a great energy toward this cause. Once we accept that heroin and opioid addiction could strip any one of us of our lives and families, we can move forward to combatting its power.”

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