Going into the summer, I didn’t know what to expect interning at Galileo Media Arts. I was welcomed with open arms by a boss who emphasized how important it was for us to learn and walk away from this summer with experience and better insight into the world of production. Within the first week we had attended our first shoot, a project for a local dance company. The shoot went smoothly, despite shooting outdoors when the sun was at its highest in the sky! Moving into post-production, we were able to assist across all stages, from finding stock footage to color correcting, ensuring we could deliver a high quality, final product by the deadline! It was a great experience to be part of a project from the beginning to the very end, and it was an even better introduction into our summer at Galileo. The skills I gained from that project carried into our next shoot, but in-between I learned what its like to work in the office on a day-to-day basis. I was exposed to voice over sessions, sitting in on various sessions and observing the process of extracting the proper tone and energy required for anything from pharmaceutical radio spots to car commercials. The recent release of Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Humor brought a lot of excitement from winning awards and advertising for a local screening. We made posters and handed out flyers, which drew in a good number of people to the screening. Aspiring to be a film director/producer myself, being a part of the local screening was pretty inspirational. There was hardly a dull moment, working at Galileo but during any downtime, I was able to engage in researching, organizing, logging, dealing with social media, and observing editors. I had little prior knowledge to assist me in deciphering a list of equipment needed to set up a shoot, so I struggled at first but with some help from the team I now know the difference between a Kino and a Lowell kit, as well as a basic understanding of how to light a set! The green screen shoot was an experience in itself, from setting up to observing Alex directing. I was the note taker, which turned out to be harder than it sounded, paying attention to which takes were good, bad and better than the rest. On another shoot, I was able to wear the hat of being a production assistant, which proved to be my favorite job at Galileo, as I was there to help put with little yet crucial parts of the shoot. My experience at Galileo blew my expectations out of the water. I’ve seen the business from many angles, worked on green screen and on location shoots, acquired a knowledge of marketing and advertising, logged and edited footage, and most of all, had the pleasure of being a part of a creative successful production company.   Becky Losito, 19, Marist College