As the end of May rolled around, my anticipation of starting my summer internship at Galileo Media Arts grew. I was excited and nervous in equal measure, not knowing what to expect on my first day. As the other the three interns and myself gathered in John Wager’s office, we all became familiar with each other and jumped into our summer’s work.

Within the first week of working, we immediately got to be on a set and help film the ‘Four Legged Thorough Breeds’ dance for the Saratoga Arts Festival. It was a great experience to get on to a Galileo set, and then to have the chance to assist and sit in on cutting the final product. As a final-year student at New York School of Visual Arts, majoring in editing, I knew instantly that this was going to be a great experience for me.

Our next project was promoting Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Humor, Galileo’s most recent feature length documentary. This was a great chance for us to get gain some knowledge about marketing and communications, a key aspect of running a business. Having spent days organizing all necessary equipment, posters, flyers and engaging in other promotional activities, it was really great to have such a wonderful turnout on the night itself, which exceeded all of our expectations! I really enjoyed being part of such a big night, and it was an excellent opportunity to do some networking.

Then we were off to of next project, filming a yoga seminar at the American Meditation Institute in Troy, New York. There was much to learn about production during this three-day shoot. Not only were we experiencing valuable time on set, we were also learning about the science of yoga, an enlightening topic to say the least. As the summer comes to a wrap we take every last moment to engage ourselves in new work, spending time organizing drives, compressing videos for uploading and working on sound design while getting more time editing some footage. We truly are getting an amazing overall understanding of the film producing business.

Mary North, 22, New York School of Visual Arts