Star Trek – one of the most influential sci-fi stories ever created. This year celebrates the 50th anniversary of the original TV show. This summer we had the fortunate opportunity to work with Mr. William Shatner himself to record voiceover of a Star Trek TV spot.

Photo by: Chris Haston

But there was one small problem – Mr. Shatner was in Los Angeles. With offices in Boston, MA, and Saratoga Springs, NY – Galileo has a far reach, but not in California just yet. With Galileo’s ISDN line speeds and software, these state of the art tools allow recording and video studios to talk to each other in perfect sync across thousands of miles.

No challenge is too great for Galileo. With the proper tools and relationships to get the job done, even over thousands of miles, Galileo adapts to meet the project head on. John Wager was able to direct the session like William Shatner was in the next room. It was also great to hear that Mr. Shatner’s voice is still as strong and recognizable as ever.