There are certain times in life when you can justify spending a little more money. An anniversary gift for your spouse – the sunroof option on that new car – even the name brand orange juice sometimes. Video production is not one of those times. Budgetary surprises will not make the client very happy, and that’s why at Galileo Media Arts, we have a saying – “On time, on budget”

Coming in on budget is a way of eliminating surprises that can cost time and money (and ‘time is money’, so really it’s just money…). With almost a decade of video production experience in both Saratoga Springs NY and Boston MA, Galileo can see around the corner, and plan accordingly. Proper preparation and a great development plan are the basis for smooth sailing.

On time is simple – when you show up for work every morning, you’re on time. And if you’re not on time, you’re early. Meeting hard deadlines and keeping an open line of communication are the key factors to any professional relationship. In the fast paced world of video production, Galileo Media Arts knows the value of efficiency.

Time is money, and money is being able to grab that fancy orange juice.