What makes a strong community? Without a doubt, it’s the people. Here at Galileo, what we do and do best, is tell their story.

Headquartered in Saratoga Springs NY, Galileo Media Arts knows the amazing value of the community in the Capital District, and how we all give back to the community. Working with Blue Shield of Northeastern New York and Eric Mower & Associates, Galileo told the story of Blue Shield’s supportive community outreach.

With a talented and creative team, production took place over 3 days with locations like the beautiful New York State Capitol, The Egg, St. Peters Hospital, and Albany Medical Center. Once filming was completed, post-production was fronted at Galileo’s Boston, MA office.

Galileo had a great experience working with Blue Shield of Northeastern New York and EMA. This project was not only a celebration of our community, but also a celebration of how much Blue Shield nurtures our communities as a whole.

Watch our Blue Shield of Northeastern New York project below: