Is timing everything?

When you’re asking your girlfriend to marry you – yes. When you’re a stand-up comedian – Definitely. In video production, timing is paramount. Getting the timing of every cut just right is a part of finding the edit. Sometimes it’s easy to get too wrapped up on the technical side of things, but arriving at ultimately the best and most creative edit is what we strive for at Galileo Media Arts.

Here at Galileo, we handle a wide variety of creative projects; making video and animation content for an entire social media campaign, to writing, shooting and making brand essence videos, as well as many broadcast TV commercials and more. Given the diverse project timeline, it’s important to differentiate each project’s unique drive and focus. This allows Galileo to achieve a final product that is distinctive to each client.

Take a recent project with St. Lawrence University for example. For their “How St. Lawrence Does” campaign, several videos were produced with a high-energy edit and fast paced cutting, invoking a natural excitement and drive with the viewer. These videos required an equal amount of bright and energetic footage to convey the spirit of the university. And it was all done with no dialogue or voice over (except for the opening of course).

This is a great example of a fun and punchy edit that flows well with the music. Essentially, a music video!

On the other side of the coin, we recently worked with a large biotech company. This project required an equal balance of technical knowledge and communication, showcasing the product in a clear, concise, and professional manner. Using a more formal approach, the pacing and tone of the video is completely different from say, the St Lawrence University campaign.

With every project, Galileo Media Arts takes a unique approach to match the clients’ vision with our own creativity, achieving a distinctive look that will get noticed. Having a video production studio in both Saratoga Springs, NY (near Albany, NY) and Boston, MA has really allowed us to expand our reach.

So, is timing everything? It may not be everything, but it’s pretty important, especially in video production…and popping the question.