Remember when you were really excited to see that one movie last summer? The anticipation killed you, and when you finally got to see it…there was something missing. Maybe you couldn’t place it, but something felt off about it.

Without a good idea, every facet of the production that comes after it can fail. It won’t matter how much money is spent, or how great the footage is; taking proper care and time to develop stories and ideas is the fundamental notion that Galileo Media Arts fosters and tries to nurture during the pre production process of every video production we work on.

And here at Galileo, we start with the idea. Not that we can’t take on a project at a later point, but we feel we are at our best when we are brought in from the beginning; at the inception of the creative process where our strong creative team with various backgrounds and strengths can be of service.

Whether it is TV commercials, corporate branding videos, or our recent feature length documentary on Showtime, there has to be a story arc – that’s what we all remember the most. Without an interesting and provocative premise that we can see, the rest will fall flat. Coupling a good story arc with a good execution is the key to keeping the audience engaged.

Heading into a shoot with a solid script, and a plan of action on how you’ll piece everything together is important; but with all good things… it starts with the idea.

P.S. If you don’t know already, we have an awesome new Boston, MA office to complement our Saratoga Springs, NY / Albany, NY office.