As the crew from Galileo drove into the American Meditation Institute, we were greeted by Leonard Perlmutter who was dressed head to toe in white yoga robes. His presence immediately made everyone feel at ease. The institute is located on 5 acres of land where there are many places for people to relax, meditate and to savor their surroundings. Set in the back of the property is a bench that gazes over a natural pond within the shade of the surrounding pine trees. Leonard welcomed us into his studio where the crew began to set up for the day’s shoot. After getting the lights and cameras into their proper places, we jumped right into the action and began filming. Leonard was a natural on camera. He was calm, confident and, most of all, a wonderful teacher. He walked us through the instruction, knowledge and science of Yoga, as well as the practice of meditation.

After three days of shooting we called it a wrap! Once completed, this video seminar will be available to buy on his website.

To check out behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot, please visit our Flickr page! Also, if you would like to read more about the American Meditation Institute, you can visit their website here!

– Written by intern Mary North