Many people don’t realize it but in video production, sound is just as important as visuals. When it comes to having the right music for each project, the team at Galileo Media Arts spends a lot of time and energy deciding the tone, style and tempo.

When editing a video for St. Lawrence University that was a very fast paced piece that needed a lot of cuts and energy, Alex Kenyon found a track of music that he liked but didn’t feel it was grounded enough in the low end or bass and varied enough in the melody. He sent it from our video production office in our Boston to John Wager in our Saratoga Springs office to embellish on the already existing track. Using his composition background, John added drums, wrote a piano melody, and filled in the bass frequency.

After sending it back to Boston, Alex sped up the track to fit the pacing he felt the project needed. Using a plugin called Izotope Radius, he increased the speed from 120 bpm (beats per minute) to 135 bpm without any audio degradation. Adding 15 beats per minute is a big increase. In the past when you changed the tempo that much to an audio track (we never change the pitch by the way when we change tempo) it would really put a lot of unwanted anomalies into the track (kind of like watching a bad poltergeist movie in reverse). Now we are able to do this without those bad boys in the track and it sounds great!

A lot goes on behind the scenes here at Galileo Media Arts and we take the time to make sure every aspect of a video that we produce is the best that it can be.