Part of being a good video production company is learning how to adapt to unexpected situations, and when it came to filming the Drive for Charity event for the Albany Maserati dealership for Guy Mastrion of Brandforming, the team at Galileo Media Arts had to think on their feet to capture the event as best as possible.

A challenging aspect of the shoot was that the majority of it took place on a train. It was difficult to keep the camera stable as the train swayed back and forth and bumped up and down on the tracks. To make matters even more tricky, the train was so narrow that it didn’t allow for a wide enough footprint for a tripod to be of much use. Additionally, the beautiful bubble windows allowed for a lot of natural light but since the train was moving so quickly and the tree coverage around varied, so did the light. To adjust to these situations, the Galileo team made sure to shoot more footage than normal so that when there was a period of time where there was more consistent lighting and more stability, it could be better used in the editing room.

The event revolved around the participants getting ” la Dolce Maserati” experience. This meant participants got to drive Maserati’s through the Adirondacks and also ate delicious Italian cuisine throughout the day. The Galileo crew tried to best capture these moments by filming the beautiful food whenever possible and following the Maserati’s in a chase car in order to show their travels through the Adirondacks.

The entire day was filled with fun experiences for both the participants in the charity event as well as for the GMA crew. The camera operator, Amy Coon, was even given the opportunity to sit in the conductor’s engine and shoot footage out the window! What a blast! Now if only there was a train that could connect our Saratoga Springs / Albany, NY and our Boston video production offices!