There are not many things more exciting than when artists come together, put their heads together, and create art. So when Guy Mastrion of Brandforming asked Galileo Media Arts to help promote an art show, we were more than happy to donate our video production services to a good cause! The concept behind the show is to encourage those who don’t have conventionally creative jobs to look more critically at what they do each day and see how creative they actually are in and outside of the workplace.

Alex Kenyon (cinematographer, now working out of our Boston Video production location!) and John Wager (owner, director & producer) of Galileo, filmed the engaging interviews with Mayor Joanne Yepsen, CEO of Saratoga Hospital Angelo Calbone, and Charles V. Wait, about what creativity and art means for them personally as well as calling out for submissions among their employees. Amy Coon (editor & camera operator at Galileo Saratoga Springs / Albany) got to visit employees from each of the businesses and film them working on their art. It was really refreshing for us at Galileo to get out of the studio and engage with other artists, ranging from a quilt maker, to a painter, to photographers. It was a great reminder that more people are encouraged to be creative outside of work, the more it translates into their everyday work. 

The show opens this Saturday, September 26th from 4 to 7 at the Spring Street Gallery, and including original pieces of music, painting, and even poetry. Here at Galileo, we’re excited we got to help encourage the arts in Saratoga Springs and now that we have a video production location in Boston, maybe the idea can spread there too!