As summer began to draw to a close, we had the exciting opportunity to head north into the heart of the Adirondacks for a shoot at The Point Resort. A formerly private estate on the waters of Upper Saranac Lake, it was originally built as a family home by William Avery Rockefeller over a century ago. It now suits up as a blissfully sublime retreat. Offering guests a complete and utter hideaway haven, where the rustic charm and divine decor go hand in hand with gourmet food and fine wine, they make the promise that “each meal is an event, each day an adventure, each night a celebration.” We couldn’t wait.

Arriving around midday on a Monday, we staged our gear and wasted no time to start rolling. In addition to capturing the natural beauty and character of this remarkable location, it was essential that we were able to secure footage that would do justice to the captivating sunrises and sunsets as witnessed by our own eyes. While being mindful of the resident guests, we trekked to all corners of the property, picking up shots of the incredible interiors (brimming with priceless art and antiques) as well as the surrounding grounds and lake. After a day’s filming, we were invited into the magnificent Boathouse suite to enjoy a glass of wine, and following a wonderful night’s rest, we awoke early to capture the breathtaking sunrise, both by land and water!

Interested to see more of this romantic rusticity? You can check out the final b-roll video on The Point’s website here, or have a gander at our behind the scenes photos on our Flickr page.