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On time, on budget

There are certain times in life when you can justify spending a little more money. An anniversary gift for your spouse - the sunroof option on that new car – even the name brand orange juice sometimes. Video production is…

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It starts with the idea

Remember when you were really excited to see that one movie last summer? The anticipation killed you, and when you finally got to see it…there was something missing. Maybe you couldn’t place it, but something felt off about it. Without…

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Is timing everything?

Is timing everything? When you’re asking your girlfriend to marry you – yes. When you’re a stand-up comedian – Definitely. In video production, timing is paramount. Getting the timing of every cut just right is a part of finding the…

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unique outdoors - post production video editing boston

Unique Motion Graphics

There are plenty of stock animations easily accessible on the internet nowadays and while these may be a fast solution, at Galileo we don't like to take the easy way out. Not all video production crews are trained in motion graphics,…

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The Importance of Direction

Directing in a video production is such a crucial role that often goes unforgotten by the viewer since it’s behind the scenes. Whether it be artistic direction, acting direction, or vocal direction, each part is essential to the end result…

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Getting Just the Right Music

Many people don't realize it but in video production, sound is just as important as visuals. When it comes to having the right music for each project, the team at Galileo Media Arts spends a lot of time and energy deciding the…

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