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Canon Picture - Albany Video Production

The Big Picture: Part 1

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a wide angle picture? Galileo is proud to welcome a new addition to it's family of picture and video lenses: the Canon 14mm USM II! So prime up…

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Post Production boston organization

Making the Cut: Radio Edits

In our last Making the Cut post, we talked about logging and preparing our media for editing. Now it's time for the much anticipated, next step in the post production process: putting together the spine of our story, or, a…

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Galileo Editing Station

Making the Cut: Logging Media

What do you think of when you think about editing film? A person in a dark room by themselves, staring at a computer screen, moving around film clips. Maybe you’re more old school, and you think of someone literally cutting…

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A World Of Experience

Food has the strange and amazing ability to transport us to different places.  Not literally of course -- airline companies would surely be involved in a mess of lawsuits if they introduced meatball airplanes.  But maybe you’ve taken a bite…

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It Takes A Team

Standing in the lobby of the new Saratoga hotel, 50 cast and crewmembers bustled about, all going in a different direction, each with their own goal to be accomplished. Soon after, we roll a few takes on the shot. Later…

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Community Celebration

What makes a strong community? Without a doubt, it’s the people. Here at Galileo, what we do and do best, is tell their story. Headquartered in Saratoga Springs NY, Galileo Media Arts knows the amazing value of the community in…

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