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How Small Can You Go?

Think about the things you use every day. Do you drive a car? Do you use a microwave or a coffee maker? Have you texted someone or watched a video on YouTube? Right now, you’re probably reading this on a…

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Fresh on the Scene

Fresh on the scene – Patrick Kane has just been hired as the new Senior Client Services Director here at Galileo Media Arts at our video production office in Albany NY ! So it’s not every day we welcome a…

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BB poster- Boston video production

Newest Film Getting Traction

We’re so proud that Galileo’s newest narrative short film, Brooklyn Baby, has won several awards in the Film Festival circuit! Brooklyn Baby has now won 4 awards, and hopefully more to come! It’s always exciting when we expand our reach…

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It’s All Coming Together

As part of our pre-production preparations for the Amazon Web Services shoots, the Galileo Albany video production crew took on some intricate set designing. To give the AWS team just the look they were going for, this included building a…

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