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No One is an Island

No one is an island. People in recovery from substance abuse disorders need structures and …

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How Small Can You Go?

Think about the things you use every day. Do you drive a car? Do you …

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Fresh on the Scene

Fresh on the scene – Patrick Kane has just been hired as the new Senior …

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Kilimanjaro - galileo boston video production

A Docu-Series to explore Kilimanjaro’s impact on the locals

Our Docu-Series Mount Kilimanjaro– the topic of our latest passion project. In another interview by …

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Have your little ones been enjoying Winter break?!

Vacation/ winter break time in Boston usually means less traffic on the roads, and a …

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John in Control Room: The Sonic Scoop Episode 1

THE SONIC SCOOP – Episode 1: Just how important is audio in film?

Today, we’re excited to present the first blog post of a new series, called The …

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The Fascinating Mount Kilimanjaro: A New Docuseries in the Works

Introducing Mount Kilimanjaro– the topic of our latest passion project. Two years ago today, a …

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BB snowy shot: surprises on set

Adapting to Surprises on the Set of Brooklyn Baby

Someone once said “when man plans, God laughs.” On the set of our film, Brooklyn …

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BB poster- Boston video production

Newest Film Getting Traction

We’re so proud that Galileo’s newest narrative short film, Brooklyn Baby, has won several awards …

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